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Thread: P312** (the real deal) (P312+ U152- L21- DF27- DF19- L238- DF99-)

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    FTDNA might still do a backbone test on the untested SNPs to make sure. At least they did with such a sample in my group.

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    As noted elsewhere on this forum, FTDNA has recently listed a new subclade under P312: Z46516. It is located between P312 and FGC84729 (father of DF99 and ZZ27) and ZZ11 (father of U152 and DF27).

    Someone of French origin recently tested P312>Z46516* in the Big Y. Z46516 has a downstream marker BY189791. There are seven men who have tested positive for that marker. All list an unknown origin. Only one of the seven who are Z46516>BY169791 is in the P312 Project. He has an English surname. He has a Big Y match to someone else (not in the project) who has a Scottish surname.

    A new section (N) has been created for the two P312 project members in this new subclade in the P312 Project DNA results pages.
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