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Thread: LivingDNA added to the ISOGG Y-SNP testing comparison chart:

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    There are a number of items on that chart that are out of date or not displayed in context. This is one of the problems with these kinds of things - it's hard to keep them updated accurately and even harder to make everything apples to apples because it is not. Add the complexities to the lack of currency and the usefulness isn't what is hoped for.

    I must be feeling mischievous today so I guess I'll say it. I appreciate the effort but apparently not many testers are paying attention. I apologize as that has to offend someone but I think it is true. I've had too many years in competitive endeavors and things that are not working or are waste of time are often cut because they should be.
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    I've now updated the price of the YElite 2.1 test on the SNP testing chart and on the other two affected Wiki pages (the mtDNA testing comparison chart and the next generation sequencing chart). We updated the price on on the Full Genomes page on 3rd August to $695 so it must have been reduced again some time after that date. FGC normally write to advise us of any price changes but that didn't happen on this occasion though fortunately someone did e-mail us.

    It is free to set up a Wiki account so if there are changes that need to be made to any pages the quickest solution is to edit the page directly which cuts out the middle man.

    The intention was to revamp the SNP testing chart to compare companies rather than tests as the chart is not sustainable in its present format. Unfortunately my request for assistance in the ISOGG Project Admins group resulted in a zero response rate. If anyone else is able to help format a new chart it would be much appreciated. Otherwise I'll have a go when I have a bit more free time.

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