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Thread: Genetic origins of the Minoans and Mycenaeans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amathusian View Post
    I believe Dienekes was just reproducing in his blog, what the paper authors have concluded themselves, which is: "The elite Mycenaean individual from the ‘royal’ tomb at Peristeria in the western Peloponnese did not differ genetically from the other three Mycenaean individuals buried in common graves".

    After going through their results in detail, I did not find evidence for what you are suggesting. Can you please point to the evidence leading to your conclusion?
    ADW probably confused the Peloponnesian Peristeria4 (I9033) with the Cretan Armenoi503 (I9123).

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    Wow some crazy stuff on the thread of late

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pribislav View Post
    So I drew a language tree based on your writing. Seems legit.

    Attachment 18190
    Bahhh hahahahahaha
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    Pretty awesome that one of the Mycenaeans and I share the same subclade of J2a. Haven't run into too many other J-L26's out there (1 in 4300 customers on 23andme), so fitting that another Hellene should break the silence, even if it's one that's been dead for three thousand years.

    Obviously this study delights me, but I can't help but want more. Not just more finds from the same period (the more the merrier), but from all later periods. The fact that modern Greeks have a significant northern shift relative to their Homeric forebears is clearly not lost on Lazaridis; I can only hope he is motivated to strike while the iron is hot and get his hands on some later genomes. I can't imagine money would be an obstacle to that; if you can secure funds to test kurgan people from bumfuck Scythia, testing the progenitors of Western civilization should be a piece of baklava.

    Anyway, if the classical Greeks come out the same as the Mycenaeans, then that would rule out the putative "Dorian invasion" as the source of the shift. Unfortunately cremation was common in classical Greece, but there must be a ton of remains in a museum somewhere. I say "must" because in the 70s, anthropologist J. Lawrence Angel catalogued and classified a glut of skulls across all periods of Greek history. They're out there somewhere. Pre- and post-Migration Period Byzantine remains will also be needed to test the Slavic theory, which is the one I happen to favor.
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