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    E1b1b1a1 (E-M78)

    United States of America India Yemen
    K12 Ancient Admixture

    southeast Eurasian - 38.7%

    ancient farmers - 31.4%
    west european farmers (4000-5000 years) - 0.0%
    levant (4000-8000 years) - 5.8%
    neolithic-chalcolithic iran-chg (5000-12000 years) - 15.5%
    east european farmers (5000-8000 years) - 10%

    steppe cultures - 21.4%
    karasuk-e scythian (2000-3000 years) - 7.9%
    andronovo-srubnaya (3000-4000 years) - 8.6%
    yamnaya-afanasievo-poltavka (4000-5000 years) - 4.9%

    eastern non africans (modern) - 4.5%

    african - 4.0%
    east african (modern) - 4.0%
    west african (modern) - 0.0%

    western european & scandinavian hunter gatherers (4000-5000 years) - 0.0%

    By the way, related question. How much influence does ancient genetics have on the phenotype of modern South Asians? Particularly cranial shape and facial features. What really determines that? Because on these ancient calculators I get what basically is an ASI majority, which reflects my parents geographic origin of South Central India. However, I have more Caucasian looking facial features, olive skin, and was 'classified' on another forum as Asiatic Alpine + Gracil Indid. I can pass as Punjabi/Paki/North Indian. I thought majorly ASI people conventionally have like broader facial features and wide noses? But I think my other Western ancient genetics also plays a major role here? Not to mention my Yemeni paternal link from maybe 4 gens back. So basically I guess my question is: How much influence does ancient vs modern genetics have on your unique facial appearance?
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