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Thread: Attention French Language Forum Posters

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    Attention French Language Forum Posters

    It has come to the notice of the Administration Team that some posters within the French Language forum are raising topics and conducting discussions of the kind typically found on so-called “race boards”.

    Such behavior is contrary to Anthrogenica’s Terms of Service (ToS) and will not be tolerated. Refer in particular to 3.1, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, and 3.20.

    The Administration Team welcomes French language posters who abide by the ToS, but we will give serious consideration to closing the French Language forum completely if posters continue to flout our ToS.
    Forum Reminders - Please remember to:
    Report any problematic content • Adhere to Anthrogenica Hidden Content • Discuss respectfully • Be mindful of sharing user data (both yours and others) • English language only in main forum area • PM 'Moderator' for basic maintenance tasks or information about member suspensions or bans

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    A l'attention des utilisateurs du forum francophone

    Il est venu à l'attention de l'équipe dirigeante que quelques utilisateurs du forum francophone abordent des sujets et entretiennent des débats typiques des forums soi-disant "racialistes".

    De tels comportements sont contraires aux Termes de Service et ne peuvent être tolérés, en particulier en référence à 3.1, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, et 3.20.

    L'équipe dirigeante accueille les posteurs francophones qui se soumettent aux ToS, mais envisagera sérieusement de fermer définitivement le forum francophone si des posteurs persistent à bafouer les règles.
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