...and another one:

Somewhat good news, another Branciforte has volunteered to take a Y-DNA test. There's only a handful of them in North America so I contacted a bunch a while ago, mostly from Linkedin and Facebook; thankfully one replied. Last week I sent a kit for a 12-STR test, so by now he's hopefully received it and sent it to the lab.

This Branciforte lives in Florida but grew up in Staten Island. Similar to the other Branciforte, he also has paternal roots in upper-state NY leading further back to Eastern Sicily. I didn't wan to harp him for anymore genealogical questions, frankly I was just happy he was open to take a test.

If he's also from the same paternal lineage, I'd hope to double confirm this line's TMRCA by eventually upgrading to a BigY. If all goes well, I'd hope the results would be ready by early spring -- although it's tough to estimate a timeline in this post hg38 world