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Thread: online NGS/WGS studies

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    online NGS/WGS studies

    I am exploring online NGS/WGS datasets too look at the frequency of R-U106 and its subclades. To date, I am aware of the Open Search project at: and the Swedish Genome project at:

    Is anybody aware of other online NGS/WGS datasets which would include either number of individuals or percentage of male individuals within the dataset who are positive for Y-SNPs?

    Both of these datasets require users to ask for (and receive) permission to access the dataset. Neither dataset utilizes the SNP names (such as U106) but use the ChrY: position to identify them.

    The SweGen Project uses the Hg19 (Build 37) positions which can easily be found at YBrowse
    But the Open Search dataset uses the newer Hg38 (Build 38) positions.

    Does anyone know of an easy way to find the Hg38 position from Hg19 position data? I am aware of the hg Lift Over utility at: but I have difficulty using this utility. [EDIT: I have received help with obtaining Hg38 data already]

    BTW: The U106 Tree can be downloaded from:
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