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Thread: US Civil War Submarine mystery solved

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    US Civil War Submarine mystery solved

    I remember following the news some years ago about the finding of the Hunley and then its recovery so I thought this article very cool

    I always thought this was a fascinating little story that foreshadowed (much like the main US civil war did) the new technology that was coming on stream, that would revolutionize warfare.
    Those that ignored the obvious lessons regarding the massive increase in deadliness of small arms, rifles and cannons would pay with the unbelievably stupid mass assaults of WW1

    in any case, to cut to the chase....their own torpedo did it!

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    Thanks, I saw that a few days ago.

    It seems like the shock wave from the blast should have been suspected all along. This may be another case of "expert think" where it takes an outsider to approach the problem from a different viewpoint.

    I will not say what other field also has a bad case of "expert think".

    Jack Wyatt

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