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    Post MtdnaPlus Result

    Hello , My mtdnaplus result T2 and 23andme Mtdna Result T2c1 , wegene result t2c1a1 also Can you classify for my subgroup ?

    RSRS Values :

    Hvr1 = T16126C A16129G T16187C C16189T T16223C G16230A T16278C C16294T C16296T C16311T

    Hvr2 = C146T C195T A247G 315.1C G499A 573.1C 573.2C 573.3C 573.4C 573.5C

    rCRS Values :

    Hvr1 = 16126C 16294T 16296T 16519C

    Hvr2 = 73G 152C 263G 315.1C 499A 522- 523- 573.1C 573.2C 573.3C 573.4C 573.5C

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    I'm also wondering this!

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