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Thread: upcoming Mayflower "Badge" from FTDNA

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    Not really interested in any of the badges currently available, but one of my third great grandfathers, Abner Standish Washburn (1802-1864), a physician, was the son of Olive Standish (1763-1826) and Abner Washburn (1757-1848). Olive was a third great granddaughter of Myles Standish of Mayflower fame and likewise descended from other Mayflower families, in part because Myles' son Alexander (Olive's second great grandfather) married Sarah Alden, the daughter of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins.

    I have female relatives who belonged to the Mayflower Society, and I believe my second cousin Paul currently belongs, so the paper trail on this is as solid as paper trails get. I also have autosomal matches to people whose only apparent connection to me is via the Washburn and/or Standish lines.

    Descent from Myles Standish is something I have known about since I was a small boy, so I guess I have always taken it for granted, and it never seemed like a big deal. In my family it was mostly a topic at Thanksgiving each year.
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