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Thread: Confused about gedmatch-new to this. Ashkenazi

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    Confused about gedmatch-new to this. Ashkenazi

    Hi all,
    Hope this is the right place to ask about howto interpret this.
    I just got results back from 23andme, and it told me that I'm 99.5percent Ashkenazi, and the .5 comes from what they say is a 100% Scandinavian 6-8 generations ago. I am not surprised about the Ashkenazi result-both of my parents understand Yiddish and come from Polish/Ukrainian jews.

    I loaded the data into gedmatch hoping to understand my results beyond just "ashkenazi"--what exactly that means in more detail. Also, what is the 2 population approximation etc useful for? It says 50% Samaritan, 50% serbian. Samaritan makes sense to me because of Jewish history, but what to make of Serbian? I'm brand new to this and would appreciate help interpreting!
    Thanks so much.


    Kit Num: KF3511355
    Threshold of components set to 1.000
    Threshold of method set to 0.25%
    Personal data has been read. 20 approximations mode.

    Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15 4-Ancestors Oracle

    Admix Results (sorted):

    # Population Percent
    1 East_Med 29.03
    2 West_Med 12.46
    3 North_Sea 12.07
    4 Atlantic 10.76
    5 West_Asian 9.59
    6 Baltic 7.80
    7 Red_Sea 7.21
    8 Eastern_Euro 5.77
    9 Northeast_African 2.04
    10 South_Asian 1.78

    Using 2 populations approximation:
    1 50% Samaritan +50% Serbian 4.465056

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    Welcome to the forum and I would think this is a good place to ask this question,

    I believe you should refer to this thread, while it is referring to the MDLP K23b calculator on gedmatch it stands for all the other calculators. They are rough estimations and running multiple calculators can paint a picture of "pull" to certain regions. Remember each calculator is influenced by its reference populations that it uses to compare your admixture results to.

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    I guess what I'm wondering is how this breakdown compares with other people who are almost completely ashkenazi. 23andme calls this 100% European, but it seems more accurate to call my result breakdown a hodgepodge of middle Eastern and Mediterranean with a bit of Iranian or something like that combined with since European. All 4 grandparents lived in polish shtetls. Does this result reflect that?

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    The 2 pop mix is for mixe people, you are of one population, so you don't really need it.
    I don't think a Samaritan/Serbian approximation is that strange. Look at this plot for instance, if you mix a Samaritan and a Serbian, he would likely plot near the Ashkenazi.

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    Thanks for that picture. So interesting. I didn't realize that the 2 population approximation is for ppl with mixed ancestry. I was looking at the distance number and my 2 population mix # is smaller than my 1 population. I am brand new to this and basically plug stuff in and don't know what to make of it, or how the Scandinavian (from 23andme)made his way to the shtetl in the 1700s, or if that's noise.

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