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Thread: FGC34047 - Dessi Tribe of Munster and Leinster marker

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    FGC34047 - Dessi Tribe of Munster and Leinster marker

    My current terminal SNP is FGC34047 which I share with some who have Irish origins and some who have Welsh origins. Below is a theory from one of the matches who suggests that the marker may be related to the Dessi Tribe of Munster or Leinster. I'd be really interested in peoples comments or further suggestions.

    I believe Haplogroup R-FGC34047 originated in Ireland - Either the Province of Munster or the Province of Leinster, and here is why. The Dessi Tribe split in half.

    Kit # N108400 Michael Joyce Born Galway, County Galway, Ireland
    Kit # 404316 Abraham Harrison died in Athlone, West Meath, Ireland
    Kit # 382612 Patrick Joyce - born and died in County Tipperary, Ireland
    Kit # 250714 John Lewis - born Pembrokeshire, Wales
    Kit # 225841 Daniel Evans - born and died in Carmarthenshire, Wales (Carmarthenshire, Wales was also included in the Dyfed Kingdom, and is next door to Pembrokeshire, Wales).

    The Phillips Family Kit # 130263 Thomas Phillips born 1745 in Wiltshire County, England is of Irish origin, and We are related to the Lewis Family within 21 generations. This means my Phillips family came from Pembrokeshire, Wales.

    The Lewis Family is closely related to the Philipps of Picton Castle, Wales and is a descendant of Cydifor Fawr, Lord of Cilsant, of Pembrokeshire, Wales.

    1. Tuathal Teachtmar 106th High King of Ireland.

    2. Fedhlimidh Rachtmar (son of Tuathal Teachtmar) - (His brother was Conn Cetchathach - High King of Ireland - People who descend from him tests positive for R-M222)

    (I believe our line starts with Fedhlimidh Rachtmar)

    3. Fiachra Suighe (Fiacha Suidhe) (son of Fedhlimidh Rachtmar) - born b. c. 71 on Hill of Tara in County Meath, Province of Leinster, Ireland and died in Province of Munster, County Waterford, Ireland.

    4. Cairbre Rigronn (son of Fiachra Suighe)

    5. Art Corp (son of Cairbre Rigronn)

    (The Irish and Welsh Dessi split in half here)

    6. Eochaid Allmuir “The Foreigner from Over the Sea” (son of Art Corp) - born b.c. 148 in Province of Munster, County Waterford, Ireland and died in Dyfed Wales (now called Pembrokeshire, Wales) - Crossed the Irish Sea and settled in West Wales. He was expelled from County Waterford.

    The Dessi Tribe divided up into 2 Groups

    One group of the Dessi tribe, led by Eochaid Allmuir, moved to Pembrokeshire, Wales (once called Dyfed) (Kit # 250714 - Lewis Family; Kit # 130263 Phillips Family; and Kit # 225841 Evans Family)

    The second group of the Dessi tribe settled in South Munster Province (Counties of Clare, Cork, Kerry, Tipperary, and Waterford). (Kit # 382612 Joyce Family; and Kit # 404316 Harrison Family)

    7. Corath (son of Eochaid Allmuir)

    8. Aed Brosc (son of Corath) - born in Munster, Waterford, Ireland - of the tribe of Dessi

    9. Triffyn Farfog (son of Aed Brosc) - King of Dyfed - married Princess Gwledyr, daughter and heiress of Gloitgwyn ap Ednyfed, King of Dyfed. Gwledyr was the 2nd great granddaughter of Emperor Magnus Maximus, Emperor of the West.

    Triffyn Farfog became the 1st Irish King of Dyfed when his wife’s brother Clotri, died without issue. Gwledyr became the heiress, and she and Triffyn ruled together.

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    I'm sure the Deisi would have been made up with men of many haplotypes.

    We have so far been able to link 2 groups to particular SNPs.

    Deisi Tuisceart, (Dal gCas) are linked to R-L226.

    "The Déisi Muman of Co. Waterford and southern County Tipperary. Septs included Ua Bric (O'Brick), Ua Faeláin (Phelan/Whelan)."
    The predominant group in the Phelan/Whelan yDNA Project are R-CTS1751 > BY595

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