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New review for Dante Labs on medgadget.com
It's not independent in that the reviewer got it for free and thus Dante Labs knew there was going to be a review, but it does look like a genuine outside review.
I, on the other hand, sent the sample in 11 weeks ago now, with Dante Labs stating I'd receive results within couple of weeks three weeks ago, so I'm inclined to think it's a scam. As said, it wouldn't be the first time a DNA company misses delivery estimates, but given the campaign prices are so far below going price/materials price (Human whole genome sequencing at BGI starts at $600, Illumina is couple hundred more) with no plan to cover the price difference presented that they have burden of proof.
There is also a first "Verified Purchase" review on Amazon, but it sounds & looks like Dante Labs press release. My reading is that they ordered the test on 5th September so could not actually have received the results in any case (Which is quite confusing, why admit it was ordered three weeks ago if the processing time is eight weeks?)
Sequencing.com, their biinformatics analytics partner, has been listing Dante Labs as their "preferred provider" for a while though.
If you read the Verified Purchase review on Amazon carefully they never actually say they have had their results yet. Its an obfuscation masterpiece. Even the phrase 'The report results are in plain English and I did not find it difficult to understand, ' is from the paragraph 'SAMPLE REPORTS'.