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    Cost about $10 to serve the BAM file off Amazon S3 for YFull; since YFull pulled it almost immediately I could've deleted it right away so storage costs just pennies.

    I was going to leave it there in case I get around to running some further analysis on Amazon AWS myself, but then I took a closer look at who advertise Dante Labs as their sequencing partner, and noticed they offer free storage and transfer for unlimited amount of DNA data at least for now. So if you trust and don't have another reliable cloud drive, you can actually just use their Big Yotta client to upload the BAM file on their site, and serve the link off there. It might even be possible for Dante Labs to put it there, but I didn't ask.

    My BitDefender antivirus did not play nice with Big Yotta though, and I had to add the BAM file to antivirus exclusions; not that there's a virus there, but the way Big Yotta accesses it causes BitDefender to lock up CPU & drives re-scanning all the time. offers a few other cloud-based automated tools that are free; sadly despite claiming to process BAM files their EvE Free pipeline won't let me select my BAM file, so the only free tool that currently works is "Genome VCF" for generating gVCF v4.1 off the bam file, which *might* solve the problem of REF-calls not being listed in the original VCF. Trying out how it goes; though again, hopefully Dante Labs can offer this for most folks in the future.

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