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    Quote Originally Posted by pmokeefe View Post
    Did anyone else watch the webinar with Andrea Riposati just now (8am PST)? He acknowledged several customer issues (delays, raw data, etc). Did anyone feel like their issue was not even mentioned, or poorly addressed?

    Also, thanks to MacUalraig for the heads up, I would have missed it otherwise.
    I didn't, since they didn't notify customers (at least not me), I wasn't hitting F5 in this thread that day, and they haven't posted audio.

    It's a joke: "the truth behind the delays in 2018", as if this was a 2018 problem and not ongoing. My kit ordered mid-February 2019 and returned that same month has now been in "Sequencing started" with no results for 22 days.

    Feb 16, 2019: Ordered kit ($299)
    Feb 18, 2019: Shipping notification
    Feb 25, 2019: Kit received by Dante/logistics partner in Draper UT
    Mar 26, 2019: Message support to ask why kit messenger still says "Waiting Confirmation from Dante Labs".
    Apr 13, 2019: Response from Dante: "I can confirm that your sample has been received in our labs. We are currently running the DNA extraction ..."
    Jun 28, 2019: Dante switches to new kit manager, status is still "QC Completed"
    Sep 2, 2019: Dante: "84% of all our samples received by the end of July have been sequenced ... We plan to finish the entire backlog of samples by mid-October." I email to clarify about my kit status: same-day response: "Your sample is also being sequenced as with all our samples."
    Oct 3, 2019: Kit manager still shows "QC Completed." Ask for status, same-day response: "I have checked your kit and it is still being sequenced within your [sic] lab." Asked how this is possible. Same-day response: "We are in the process of releasing data to all our customers."
    Oct 13, 2019: "We are now sequencing more than 300 samples per week ... We have not completed our backlog yet, but we are getting closer every day."
    Oct 19, 2019: Kit status updated to "Sequencing Started"

    still nothing.

    And is Dante Labs now offering the same 30x WGS for $199 again with "8 week turnaround time"? Why yes they are. Do you believe it?
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