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    Thank you for the interesting information GoldenHind, I'm very new in this and I start to understand only now how it works.
    I'll be back with my P312 pack test result as soon as I will receive it :-)
    For someone new to the subject, you seem to be doing very well. In my experience, the most difficult concept for newcomers to understand is the relevance of Ydna, and that it is passed on from father to son without any input or modification from the DNA of females. This follows the same pattern as surnames, which is why it is so relevant to family history.

    However once one understands how Ydna works, it is really a very simple concept. Once one understands the significance of Ydna, one only needs to understand the difference between STR and SNP markers and how they function, which is also really pretty simple.

    I look forward to seeing the results of your P312 SNP Pack test and how you compare with the other DF99 men from Italy.
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