Can someone explain to me how it's possible that sephardic Jewish kits match with Ashkenazi Jews? Last month I learned my mother (she has Imazighen Jewish ancestry) matches with alot of Ashkenazi Jews at Gedmatch. This made me conclude there must have been an Ashkenazi Jewish ancestor in our family tree. Some persons told me thats not necessarily the case and that Sephardic Jews share DNA segments with the Ashkenazim. That I understand, ofcourse. They both descend of the same people from the Middle-East, but this is like 2000 years ago. How is it possible to genetically match this strong with people while the shared ancestors are from more then 1000 years back? Can this really make you match to more then 90 Ashkenazi Jews?

Another question; Is there someone with or who knows someone with a sephardic Jewish kit @ Gedmatch that doesn't have any Ashkenazi ancestors? I would like to see if other Sephardic Jews match to this many Ashkenazim also.