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Thread: Origins of J-P279

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    Origins of J-P279

    Hello, this is my first post in this forum. About a year ago or so, I tested positive for J-P279 (which is downstream of J-M410), specifically negative for J-M340. However, it seems to be fairly rare. My patrilinear origins lie in southern Anatolia - where some few other appear who have tested positive for this haplogroup. If I am understanding correctly, it seems to be a very narrow branch of J-M410. Has there been any speculation of where this haplogroup may have originated, or perhaps its parent haplogroup J-PF5050? Looking at the distribution on FTDNA's J-M172-project, it's hard to conclude anything, it seems too broad and sparse a haplogroup.

    Glad to hear your thoughts.

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    J-P279 is rare. From what I have seen, Northern Levant seems to be a hotspot for J-P279-specifically lebanon. A few Armenian samples too. It is found, rarely, in samples from Iraq, Kuwait etc... but most J-P279 I have seen has come from Lebanon.

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