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Thread: I'm new, classify me!

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    I'm new, classify me!

    I'm 16 years old I live in the United States. My ancestry includes British, irish, German, Mordvin, Russian, Karelian. I have pictures of my ancestry DNA test to try to find out what all of it means but I have 51% east Europe 22% British 9% Scandinavia 8% west Europe 6% Finnish 2% Jewish 1% irish 1% Caucasus. My gedmatch is A187402 and my imgur name is semechkislav31415. My Instagram is Ivan.Novikov._ I can dm you pictures to classify me and my family but all of my pictures are on imgur. Thanks god bless

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    Northwest USA
    British & Irish
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b>L513>A7> BY11186
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    Scotland Wales Ireland England Germany Netherlands
    Welcome, Welder0. Congratulations for getting such an early start in ancestry! Why not look around the forums for a while and in existing threads ask questions here and there. As your post count goes up then you can post links and images here. Right now you can't since you're so new. Some new accounts turn out to be spammers which is why new people can't post live links.

    Just for fun I tried a one-to-one compare with your kit but no shared DNA segments.
    Estimated ancestry after reviewing, 23&Me, FTDNA My Origins, Living DNA and known family history:
    33% English, 27% Scottish, 18% Welsh, 18% Irish, 4% German/Netherlands

    Y-DNA leads to Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands: R1b>M343>L278>L754>L389>P297>M269>L23>L51>L151/L11>P312>Z290>L21/M529>DF13>L513/DF1>S5668>A7>Z21253> S7834 > S7828 > BY11203 > BY11186 (about 320-550 years old)

    MTDNA leads to Glamorgan, South Wales: K1a4a1f

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