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Thread: Polish and other East-Europeans and Ashkenazi Jews

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    I would say you can never conclude something about your own ethnicity looking at ethnicity of your matches. I have supposedly cousins who are over 90% English and overly 90% Scandinavian while I consequently score 0% for these categories in DNA tests.

    I'm supposedly 1.4% Ashkenazi, according to MyHeritage. Honestly, I'm taking it less and less seriously, especially while other tests show 0%.
    You can see on what components you match with them. I think people you match with, especially if it's alot, are a better indication then the commercial DNA ethnicity tests. Especially in the sense of wanting to confirm theories in the familie. My mother has 100% sub-sahara african matches, because she is partially sub-sahara african. My mother has many fully Jewish matches, because she is partially Jewish. She also has some British matches, because she has, eventhough it is a very small amount, English ancestry. So imo it can be very usefull to investigate the ethnicity of your matches when you know what to look for. But who am I. I could be wrong.
    Dutch Northener / Afro-Surinamese / Imazighen Jew

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