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Thread: M5a'd origin or location?

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    Y-DNA (P)
    Father N1c
    mtDNA (M)

    I have recorded the following ancient M5 haplotypes:
    Hoabinhian hunter Pha Faen Laos La368 6000 BC M5,
    Late Xiaohe BA Xinjiang Ta24-12 M5 (16129 16223),
    Loebanr IA Loebanr1 Swat Valley Pakistan SPGT I5400 927-831 calBCE M5a,
    Loebanr IA Swat Valley Pakistan SPGT I13222 1000-800 BCE M5a,
    Loebanr IA Swat Valley Pakistan SPGT I12455 1000-800 BCE M5a,
    Loebanr IA Swat Valley Pakistan SPGT I13228 1000-800 BCE M5a,
    Xiongnu Battseengel Arkhangai Central Mongolia AT426 M5,
    Early Medieval Roopkund pilgrims Roopkund_A I3349/R17 770–945 AD M5a,
    Udegram Medieval Raja Gira Pakistan I2959 1037-1207 calCE M5a1
    Mongol Empire Muslim Graveyard in Qara-Qorum Kharkhorin City Övörkhangai Mongolia AT803 M5

    In addition to the samples above, I have recorded the following two samples as possible M5 haplotypes:
    Western Scythian Southern Ural Early Sarmatian Pokrovka Pr3/I0575 M5 (16129A),
    Egyin Gol IA Mongolia burial 90 M5 (16129A 16223).
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    Birmingham, UK
    Indian - Punjabi Jatt
    Y-DNA (P)
    R2-SK2142 > A26339
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    R1b-Z2109 > Y84821
    mtDNA (P)

    England United Kingdom India India Punjab
    My father received his Dante Labs results today. 23andMe told me he's M5a1a, and looking at his mtDNA sequence, he's actually pre-M5a1a. To explain what I mean, M5a1a is currently defined by the following mutations: G185A, T334C, G9064A and G11016A. My father has the T334C, G9064A and G11016A mutations but lacks the G185A mutation, so his sample should split the M5a1a tree when I upload it to YFull and when they finally get around to updating their MTree. Here are his novels: 152C, 8290A and 8581A. I'm planning on analysing the M5a1/M5a1a samples from the YFull MTree. Unfortunately, there aren't many samples on there so I don't have my hopes up. If anyone could point me in the direction of more M5a1/M5a1a samples then that would be great, although I will also look myself.
    YFull: YF72440 (FTDNA - IN41220)

    Ancestral Haplos (Punjabi Jatt):
    * Father: R2-SK2142 > A26339 - M5a1a
    * Maternal Uncle: R1b-Z2109 > Y84821 - U7a3a
    * MGMs F (?): L-M22 > M357 - ?
    * PGMs F (?): Q-F1096 > F4747 - ?
    * MGMs MGF (?): R1a-Z93 > Y7 - ?

    Friends Haplos:
    * North Moroccan Berber: E-M35 > M81 - R0
    * Han Chinese: O-M117 > F1531 - M7e
    * Gujarati Lohana (?): T-Y11151 > Y13290 - R30b1

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