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Thread: Is this surname of Scandinavian origin?

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    Is this surname of Scandinavian origin?

    I apologise for posting in English on this section of the forum, but I was wondering if someone could help me.

    I have the surname ‘Batmisson’ appear on my family tree. I’ve never seen this name before, and it appears to have faded out because the spelling has changed. My ancestor was born in the 1800s in Northern England.

    Since the only non-British result I received in a DNA test was a small amount of Scandinavian (2%) I was wondering if this surname could be reflective of this result.

    Thank you very much!

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    Thread closed as you already have posted the same elsewhere. Please do not cross-/double-post.

    Other ancestral Y lines:

    E1b-M81 Ukraine (Ashkenazi)
    E1b-V13 England
    I1-M253 Ireland
    I2-M423 Ukraine
    R1a-L176.1 Scotland
    R1b-L584 Syria/Turkey (Sephardi)
    R1b-L20 Ireland
    R1b-L21 (1)England; (2)Wales?>Connecticut
    R1b-L48 England
    R1b-P312 Scotland
    R1b-FGC32576 Ireland

    Other ancestral mtDNA lines:

    H1b2a Ukraine (Ashkenazi)
    H6a1a3 Ukraine
    K1a9 Belarus (Ashkenazi)
    K1c2 Ireland
    V7a Ukraine

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