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Thread: What's your clan?

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    Russian Federation

    Lightbulb What's your clan?

    What's your clan? The answer look at in the scheme...

    Y-DNA: R1a-Z93, Z94+, L342.2+, Z2124+, Z2125+, Z2123+, SUR86+, SUR250+, SUR22+ Sakes-Dinlings line
    Mt-DNA: H.

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    As most Europeans - my all male line started out in the steppes of Russia with R1b (your line was further north but we both share R1). I am next R-L21 which is primarily western European. Z253 does not change the geography that much but L226 formed around 2,500 years ago in Ireland (90 % of tests who list any European origins, list Ireland). From the surnames and dominant counties in Ireland (80 % of those that list a county origin - narrows it down to five counties in Ireland), we know that my line was part of the Dal gCais tribe. When clans and surnames were started around 1,000 years ago, I belonged to the Casey clan - a large clan that allied with the O'Briens and was the first to unite/conquer the entire island of Ireland. Due to being on the winning side of this major conflict, L226 is very prolific in living descendants and is an ideal match for YDNA testing. My part of the Casey clan migrated to South Caroline in the early 1750s and due abundant land (at the expense of the Native Americans) now have an estimated 20,000 male Casey descendants today (based on the biased testing today).

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    What's your clan? The answer look at in the scheme...

    Somebody doesn't understand terms which he uses...

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