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Thread: FTDNA Y Haplotree

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    It looks like different mapping to hg19 and hg38 can give opposite results, especially in unreliable regions, this is the response from FTDNA Helpdesk in one of such cases:
    Quote Originally Posted by FTDNA Helpdesk
    According to our data assurance team, the lab looked at your Big-Y in both HG19 and HG38. In the previous version (HG19) you were derived for BY320 and another mutation close by. These markers, however, are within a known unreliable region called DYZ19. It appears the the new alignment is mapping these segments elsewhere on the Y chromosome. While the lab is investigating the nature of this remapping, we have discontinued BY320 in the Big-Y results.
    I would not be surprised if there were hg38 mapping errors.

    It is hard to say what is correct because SNPs in these regions is not possible to verify by Sanger sequencing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petr View Post
    It is hard to say what is correct because SNPs in these regions is not possible to verify by Sanger sequencing.
    I was the first take take a NGS test under L226 with YElite1.0. Around fifteen of my YSNPs were not consistently read by Big Y or not read at all. I submitted all fifteen YSNPs to YSEQ and around one-third was rejected, leaving ten others that were testable. I used a proxy tester for L226 equivalent (only two percent are L226 positive and FGC5660 NEG - the oldest branch under L226). The ones that tested positive, I wrote off as being close to L226 equivalents. I had my Casey cousins test the others and they all became branch equivalents of the two known branches for my Casey surname cluster. But it did double the number of branch equivalents which may some day prove useful.

    We could test these new hg38 YSNPs in this same fashion - we would get more L226 equivalents and many more branch equivalents on the lower parts of our haplotree. Maybe a few new major branches as well. These new YSNPs are not located in the DYZ19 area.
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