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Thread: J2b2 (J-M241)

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    Y-DNA (P)
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    Hello fellow j2b2's. Still reading much of this thread.
    The user 'client' sent me the data to the a study about J-M241 distribution in the greater South Asian region (unfortunately I'm unable to upload the excel file). In South Asia, it seems to be at highest frequency in the Austro-Asiatic Asur Tribals at 78% of 40 samples from the Chota Nagpur Plateau (possibly due to founder effect). However, it seems to be distributed quite evenly throughout most of the region ranging from similar concentrations in Bengal (9-10% of the population) to Kashmir in the North (at 5-9%) to Sindh in the west (at 5%). Though from older studies, Vellalars of Tamil Nadu/Sri Lanka (a SI mid caste) have the highest concentrations (38%+) among caste populations.

    I found a similar study however with similar results (you might have seen it), though with more moderate concentrations among tribal groups.

    Edit: think its the same study that he sent.
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