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Thread: Abstracts from Human Evolution 2017 conference

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    Maybe some misinformation, but I would never expect the guy on the left to be Mario Batali's brother, who kind of looks like the guy on the right. Whoever they were in ancient history, obviously two distinct populations from two different geographies.
    I do not like simplistic readings but all the great majority of Etruscan frescoes come from the same area of Lazio with few exceptions, and give us an incomplete picture. In any case the fact that the Etruscans could be a mixture of more populations is even compatible with their history, as even the authors who support a recent migration recognize that there were more different elements in the Etruscan language and ethnos, and the light-haired dancer could descend from the proto-Villanovan element that was already there before the Etruscan civilization flourished (even today the modern area that was ancient Etruscan territory has more R-U152 than many other places in Italy, Italic areas including). So there's really no need to play the Latin card to justify the presence of light-haired people among the Etruscans, because those people have most likely always been part of the Etruscan ethnos.

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