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Thread: FTDNA's Holiday Sale (Big Y is $475)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rms2 View Post
    I'm excited to see the results. I have a couple of HVR1 matches (they are brother and sister and the only matches I have) who have done the Full Sequence. Their most distant known mtDNA ancestor, Mary James, was born in 1836 in the same northern Alabama county (Lauderdale) in which my most distant known mtDNA ancestor, Nora Lancaster, was born in 1878. I'm thinking my Nora's mother and their Mary were sisters. It will be interesting to see if the match holds up.

    Upgrading to 111 markers was one of the best things I have ever done, genealogically speaking. Wish I could get all my 37 and 67-marker matches to do the same.
    I wish you all the luck with your mtDNA results. It looks like you have something to hang your hat on. I’m not sure what mine will tell me but you never know until you try. At the least, I should get a more refined reading than LivingDNA gave me.


    Actually, I took my cue from seeing some of the results you’ve put together. Plus, I recently saw the value of STRs confirmed by a Big Y test in my I-Z140 Group.

    We had a fellow in our Group who had a NPE in his recent past, yet he was a 1 step match @ 111 markers with another member with a different surname. I told him as he was waiting for his Big Y results, that I wouldn’t be surprised if he splits our branch further. When his Bam file came in, our Z140 Administrator split him out of our group and put him into another group with the fellow in question, because they shared most of their Novel Variants. Then he told him that he thinks they share a common ancestor within the last two hundred years. That’s big news for an NPE and they’ve been sharing notes ever since.

    Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to get his Bam file to YFull yet, because of the Hg 38 conversion. Hopefully, he’ll be able to send it soon, because I’d really love to see what YFull does with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikewww View Post
    I have received confirmation that even people with only Y12 and Y25 STRs are getting the free upgrades to Y111 when they get Big Y for the $475 holiday price.
    Can you please tell me whether an existing customer has to order the upgrade to 111 along with a Big Y order, or do the additional STR markers automatically come with an order just for the Big Y?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenHind View Post
    Can you please tell me whether an existing customer has to order the upgrade to 111 along with a Big Y order, or do the additional STR markers automatically come with an order just for the Big Y?
    Just the Big Y. When the Big Y is batched, or in a following batch, the Y111 upgrade will appear in the order history and FTDNA sends out an email about it. Batching is done on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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