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Thread: For members of J-L283, the J2-M172 SNP Pack is barely worthwhile

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    For members of J-L283, the J2-M172 SNP Pack is barely worthwhile

    A project member who clearly belongs to the rather common European J-L283 clade ordered the J2-M172 SNP Pack. I noticed, to my disappointment, that this SNP pack tests only 4 SNPs within the J-L283 clade:

    Z8425 (ambiguous according to YFull--found in two different places within haplogroup J)

    A customer may do better testing individual SNPs.

    FTDNA needs a SNP pack specifically for J-L283 (or one of its predecessor clades J-M241 < J-Z1825 < J-M102).

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    Y-DNA (P)

    YSEQ's J2b-M12 Panel is a descent option for now:

    This panel covers the following branches:
    M12, M205, CTS1969, Y22079, Y22082, PH1089, Y22037, YP13, PF7320, YP154, YP106, Z575, Z2454, CTS8204, M241, L283, YP65, YP29, Z590, YP157, YP71, Z2505, YP113, YP82, Y24698 , Z584, CTS3617, Z40052, Z40054, Z34473, Y22039, PH1601, PH1568, PH3514, Z638, YP129, Z1296, Z1297, Z1295, Y21878 , Z631, Z1043, Z8425, Z39661, CTS11760, Y12007 , Y12005, Y12937, Y21525 , Y21460, PH1656, Y26712, Y23094, YP136, PH1751, Z38298, Z2432, Y28249, Z2433, Z2437, Z2443, Z2448, Y998, ZS280, ZS270, Y965, Y972, Y2151, Y978, Z8323, Y958, Y993

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