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Thread: Common ancestor help needed.

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    Common ancestor help needed.

    Hi all, on gedmatch after triagulation, There were two other kits and mine, matched having a common ancestor. Since i have no info about my ancestors, those other 2 kits (luckily) had their genealogical trees attached. After looking at both of their trees, I have found one person that was their common ancestor. There was name date of birth etc.
    My question would be: would it be safely to assume, that person (common ancestor) would be mine as well? All of our kits matched with each other.

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    Not necessarily. Assume a simple situation here as an example...

    You and these two other people all have a common grandparent. But the other two are siblings. They will have a common ancestor that is not common to you. If that can happen within only two generations, then it becomes all the more probable with a larger number of generations. Of course that could be your common ancestor, but I would suspect the chances of it not being so are larger. And I don't think there is any way to tell unless you can find a paper trail.

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