I can't read Greek, like Agamemnon. I come from a very modest social class of farmers and workers in France, and it is certainly NOT Feminism that allowed me, and many other youths from there, to reach higher grounds. I am not looking for excuses to justify my lack of culture, but still, engaging into Classical Studies for students like me would have been an oddity and something more down to Earth was expected, like scientific or a technical cursus.

Anyways, even if I can't read Greek, I understand that the non-materialist vision of the world that is implicit in Greek Mythology, describes Man as a smaller part of a bigger Cosmos. Now, this is meaningless for Materialist Reductionist people, but It turns out that a Cosmic event is taking place these days right now, that is, the Transit of Neptune in Zodiacal Pisces. This can be a powerful combination for those concerned, and a rare occurrence since Neptune revolution is 165 years. This one will take place until 2026. I am not going to elaborate on whatever that means, except that Neptune, or Poseidon, is not exactly a pro-Feminist. To celebrate the event I created a small video, but in truth it is a hidden spell. I am looking for a prayer to Poseidon, or Neptune, in Greek perhaps, to release the Kraken, allegorically. Some FREE music reminiscent of the Odyssey would be nice to support the graphic and I already found a free sound track that is OK by default, but there is probably something better, any idea or suggestion is also welcome for that.
NO ancient prayers to release the Kraken is appropriate. We have to create one since the prayer has to be simultaneous with the Neptune transit that is taking place now, not the one that took place 2500 yeas ago . If you understand what I mean and are willing to help, just release your imagination and create that prayer. In Greek or English...I am not sure, but I will include it in the video with due credit.

For inspiration and visualization about what I mean, I put the video in my drop box for private visioning. There is a least 1 min of dark screen with only the sound track at the end, to put the spell. There is nothing inappropriate in the video (in US standards) and it's totally innocuous in appearance. Private email me for the link.