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Thread: E-CTS1273 under V13 - the haplogroup of biblical Abraham?

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    E-CTS1273 under V13 - the haplogroup of biblical Abraham?

    I suppose that E-V13 (more precisely its subclade E-CTS1273) may be the haplogroup of biblical Abraham!

    TMRCA of CTS1273 according to YFull is estimated as 4000 years, which fits to the story of Abraham. It expands rapidly about 4000 ybp! One of specimens of CTS1273* was found in Jordan (id:YF10527). CTS1273>S7461>Y19357* (TMRCA 3700 ybp) was found in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

    CTS1273, according to the data from YFull haplotree, fits to Israelites better than any subclade of J1 or J2.

    E-V13 is present in Near East and most of Europe. It is scattered. Does CTS1273 represents scattered Israelites?

    I do not believe that CTS1273 was formed about 4700 ybp (I believe in young Earth creationism). History of CTS1273 may be a proof of biblical report about Abraham.
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    I suppose you are looking at the Yfull tree only. Most of those CTS1273*(this is more popular as CTS5856*) there in fact belong to different subbranches. You should also look at the FTDNA tree and best at the V13 NGS project here:

    The whole CTS1273/CTS5856 super branch, however, comprises most of the V13 individuals around the world, it spread around the Bronze age and could not be connected to any present ethnicity.

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    The discussion of CTS1273 brought me to this website. This forum was one of the only references to this subclade on the entire internet. I am a subclade of this haplogroup, and I have BigY testing as well as YFull analysis done to my sample. I've always thought that it was interesting that a third of all Jewish lines carry African lineages. It's vastly different from the R and J haplos normally associated with Jewish descent.

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    E-V13>CTS5856 imo has nothing to do with the Levant or surrounding regions. Haplogroups more connected to that region are certain J1 clades, E-M123 clades and others such as J2 clades. CTS5856 was certainly a clade that arose in Europe
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    E-V13 or any clade of E-V13 is NOT African or Levantine in origin. These are Balkan. E-M123, E-M81, E-V12*, and E-V22 are NE African, Egyptian and have been found in Natufian samples.
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    Sephardic Jewish 4.1%
    Balochi Punjab 3.7%
    Caucasus 2.5%
    Urals 1.3%
    Finnish 1.2%
    Lebanese Cypriot 1%
    Other 1.4%

    Sephardic Jewish Turkey 18.8%
    Argyll and Bute Scottish Highlands 18.6%
    Sardinia 18.4%
    Lithuania 15.7%
    Russia Voronezh 7%
    Belgium 5.6%
    Syrian Jewish 4.9%
    Libyan Jewish 4.4%
    Russia Tver 2.4%
    Azerbaijani Jewish 2.2%

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    The ancestral spirit is the DNA that lives in Man it is the spirit of your father and your fathers fathers all the back to the first Man Adam the African it is the link between MAN and The creator . The common Ancestors of All E sub-sacale is E who is the father of Many nations primarily within the African Continent and secondary in the Areas surrounding the African continent . (The father of Civilization)
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