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    ancestry Irish, Scot, Eng (Devon,Somerset,Lancashire,Cheshire, Shrop,Essex)+ Crossen(Oder)-Gruenberg
    Celt? Vik? East-Ger Sorb?
    Y hu R1b/U106/S1688/Y9825
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)

    SNP Panels

    I'd like advice as to which pack. I'm tossing up between the FTDNA R1b-M343 and M269 Backbone Pack version 2, for my hubbie who tested as likely M269 (R1b(), or
    YSEQ's R1b-M343 Orientation Panel $77 together with the $59 all relevant downstream panels tested, which makes it $136 to the newest SNP's available I think?
    I gather YSEQ is Sanger and I THINK this means you cannot get false positives, but may still get false negatives? (though I can find nowhere that states the probability of these occurring). I am finding it very difficult to find out what exactly each style of testing means ( I've a science degree, so maybe could understand the info, I just can't find out much about the testing methods). I've been reading from many folk who are stating they have got many no calls on big y, one poor tester getting no further than before they tested!, but many being asked to test SNP packs afterwards as the BigY did not cover their SNP' until someone comes up with a Y test that having longer read lengths (at ;east 250bp but preferably 500bp) as well as at least 30X mode testing, I think it's probably better to just get a SNP pack that takes one as far as possible at the current time. Obviously I'd prefer if FTDNA offered this due to the projects, but if it's better at YSEQ...

    I gather that at least one company ( I suspect the lot) have been looking at one of those larger NGS style panels with many SNP's that they hope will be one panel fits everyone even if you have no idea who you are..for a long time now.. and It is a good idea, which will be popular if priced cheap's what I would have liked instead of the STR tests which I find a tad outdated in the science, as they could fit within many differing branches and testing everyone's SNP's will provide more accurate ancestry. The STR tests did help confirm the surname , so it was worth it...but i would have preferred an SNP panel down to the last 500-700 years or so level!(ie surname level)
    The drawback to all these panels (Mass Array, Sanger or NGS) is , no new "discovery" SNP's , and also possibly no new changes to branch structure with these Y panel tests of various kinds..but they will provide confirmation of "discovered" SNP's, and place more people into the trees already established, provided them with more accurate ancestry and maybe even more modern "cousins". They are of course only really possible as we now do have a fairly stable tree the branches are not being discovered to be wrongly placed..otherwise these panels don't work as well..or come up with unexpected results...especially the larger one size fits all panel!

    Your valued thoughts please everyone, especially as to YSEQ tests versus FTDNA for R1b

    Edited to add:
    I've just received a $100 of voucher in the 2017 Xmas FTDNA sales, so I'm consider the BigY it is now FINALLY under AUD$500. I need to make a decision fairly quickly.
    I have 2 males to test my hubbie who is R1b, likely M269 and from the STR37 apparently can't be placed lower down the branches of the tree,
    and the other choice is my Dad who is R1a and with his STR37 is very likely M458 and CTS11962, making him likely Slav (his facial features are a giveaway to his DNA, but with blue blue eyes , light golden brown skin with no freckles and light golden brown hair). His family history and the name make him possibly Sorb/Wend although his oldest known male ancestor came from a bit to the north east of Lower Lusatia, making some say he is not Sorb, so an interesting history.

    Which male would benefit more from the bigY test (I can only afford one)? the other gets a YSNP panel.
    1. as above for the R1b ? and test the R1a with a BigY test hoping to find some Sorb/Slav marker? (I haven't heard of any unique Y markers for any break up of Slavic groups so either not done as yet ot they are all a mixture of different YDNA ), OR
    2. Big Y test my hubbie whose R1b whose STR cannot place him any further down the tree branches than M269 ? and YSNP test my Dad with probably a YSEQ R1a Superclade panel.cost $99 to terminal SNP at present ( will most likely continue with the free M458 panel).
    Any thoughts of WHICH would benefit most from the BIgY, and which would benefit more from the YSNp test.

    one concern I have with Big Y test: I have read of many people saying they are getting no calls on the bigY and sometimes negative for a while down a tree branch and then a positive further down the branch, which makes no sense to them or to me? (unless the branches are wrong for these people)? I've also heard of people who take BigY and then have to talke panels for missing SNP's? How common is this and does it occur more with R1a or R1b..if known?
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