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Thread: Haplogroup J-P58's true origin

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    Quote Originally Posted by hartaisarlag View Post
    Damn, very cool. Hope we can find out his ethnicity.
    im trying to contact him because he is basically parent to my clade.. so there is his clade and my clade came from his and im Egyptian... ill try to contact him and see what his ethnicity is..will keep you posted.

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    Another point to support my theory : mtDNA haplogroup R2. Found in significant proportions in the arabian far south where it reaches its maximum frequency worldwide, reaching close to 15% among the Mehri people, who also exhibit high frequency of the south arabian exclusive"J-L93". More importantly, it also shows some diversity with Yfull putting the TMRCA of R2a which is the main south Arabian subclade at 12k years. R2c, so far restricted to south Arabia as well has a TMRCA of 4k years as of yet. Most of R2 is otherwise found in Iran.

    Guys, there is something here for real. This ain't no bullshit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramses View Post
    The fact that Bedouin Arabs can be modelled easily as mixture of Natufian+IranN ..without needing any Levantine source does support your theory.
    Yeah I spoke about it recently too :

    What is most interesting in your runs is how Arabians mostly lack Barcin, this is even reflected in East Africans as well of course. Obviously we would expect Arabians to have a fairly decent amount of ENF ancestry from the levant if P58 came from there. The Caspian component is as usual high in Arabians, almost as high as in the Levant. Could this indicate that my theory about P58 migrating from Mesopotamia/Iran directly into Arabia can indeed be correct? Or is it only that the ancient arabian you created just happens to be a highly drifted component which results in it "eating up" barcin-like ancestry among bottlenecked populations, with Yemenis scoring some barcin because their less bottlenecked ancestry allows it to pop out? Anyways, I've always suspected something was off for many reasons. This is an interesting experiment.

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