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Thread: Living DNA Through History Feature

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    Living DNA Through History Feature

    I posted this on the Living DNA users' group on facebook, but thought it would worth a share:

    The "Through History" feature has been called one of the most intriguing, but difficult to grasp, tools LivingDNA has released to date. At first glance (first few hundred glances) my "through history" results at 1000-1600 years ago were much better aligned with my known Irish, English & German ancestry but did not look all that similar to my "family ancestry" map since it lacked the south Europe and Pashtun elements and in their stead had North Turkish and West Balkan along with the known French and German.

    I recently changed the contrast of a screen shot of these results and found the map showed much more coverage than my screen brightness allowed me to see. Hidden within the uncolored areas were lightly colored regions that connected my ~1000-1600 year old geographies and the newer ones reflected on my family ancestry. Does yours change much?

    Predominately English, Irish & German with Dutch, Swiss, French & Polish
    Y Haplogroup E-V13 ("Siegel" via Prussia), Mt Haplogroup H24a1 (via Unknown)

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