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Thread: Breton/French Result.

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    Breton/French Result.

    With his permission, below are the results of a chap who is French born and says his maternal known ancestry is entirely Breton, he says "from the 1500's" and on the paternal side French although the name of a great great grandfather ( living around 1861) is unknown. He is particularly baffled by his South and South East England percentages.
    Just thought it might be of interest.
    Living DNA
    Europe 98.8%
    Great Britain and Ireland 83.1%
    Southeast England 21%
    Devon 14.1%
    South England 12.5%
    Ireland 9.6%
    Cornwall 5.3%
    East Anglia 5.3%
    Central England 4.9%
    Aberdeenshire 2.5%
    South Wales 2.4%
    Orkney 2.1%
    Cumbria 1.7%
    North Wales 1.6%
    Europe (North and West) 11.5%
    Scandinavia 10.2%
    France 1.3%
    Europe (South) 4.2%
    Tuscany 3.1%
    Sardinia 1.1%
    Asia (Central) 1.2%
    Northwest Caucasus 1.2%

    His "Ancestry" test results he describes as very similar :-
    "The DNA result was Great Britain 56%- Ireland/Scotland/Wales 19%- Scandinavia 7%- European Jewish 5%.
    Only 2% Europe West (France probably) and some percent of Europe South-Iberian Peninsula-Finland-Caucasus."

    Y DNA R-U152 subclade R-L 20
    MtDNA H2a2
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