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Thread: An Ireland screw up.

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    An Ireland screw up.

    Was going through a search yesterday on google and came across some Irish stamps. You'd think with historically knowledgeable people around, like some contributors on this forum, the Irish postal service might consider consulting someone before putting out a commemorative stamp... but apparently not. I came across this by accident:


    Notice it portrays 3 things: a flag, two soldiers, and some words.

    They are all incompatible basically. The flag doesn't belong to the soldiers, nor the words to either.

    The soldiers depict Thomas Meagher's Irish zouave company that were attached to the 69th New York State Militia (69th NYSM) after it had entered federal service in 1861, as company K ( so they do not even represent the typical soldier from that regiment)

    The flag depicts an Irish Brigade flag of the US Army of the Potomac, presumably that of the 69th New York Volunteers, but they were NOT the same regiment as the 69th New York State Militia (technically an artillery regiment) who carried a green flag with a Fenian sunburst but no harp.

    Further I noticed that the 69th NYSM were released from federal service the day before the US Army of the Potomac came into existence, so could not have been part of it. The only Army of the Potomac that was around while they were in federal service would have been the Confederate one they were shooting and attacking at Bull Run as part of the Army of Northeastern Virginia.

    As for the 69th NYV, they, like the Irish Brigade, were not part of the Army of the Potomac in 1861, they joined in early 1862.

    A little history checking might have helped but maybe the stamp might end up a collectible.

    I'm open to corrections4b20d869c56da590bd1abc33cab401e7--postage-stamps-the-fighting.jpg
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