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Thread: One oracle (file) to rule them all...

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    One oracle (file) to rule them all...

    OK, maybe not that extreme, but I have something I would like to do and could use some help with it.

    You may have seen the thread where I have been testing a new approach to oracles that does not attempt to blindly fit puzzle pieces together but rather uses a starting point from a best guess admixture. So far it seems to be functioning decently. But it has brought an issue to the fore for me that I think needs to be addressed. The oracle spreadsheets at least on gedmatch are missing a piece of information that I could incorporate into my oracle. That is the variance within a ethnicity. Suppose, as a totally made up example, that the British percentages for a k3 calculator spreadsheet were 30,20,50. I would like to be able to have 30+/-5,20+/-10,50+/-7 say.

    To do that I would need to get data for individuals from representative nationalities. I am hoping that maybe someone has this kind of information for collections of people rather than get pelted with individual submissions (gedmatch numbers are OK or a collection of calculator results are better). I would be fine with settling on one calculator to do this for. At least at first.

    I'm open to thoughts on this.

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