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Thread: Ross and Viking/Nordic History

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    @RossGA I would suggest doing a Y-DNA test at FamilyTreeDNA.

    If you can indeed prove your line back to Rev. George Ross, you would be the 1st in the project & this would be a huge help to everyone there.

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    This 'Ross and Viking/Nordic History' was originally a post on Ancestry's message board.

    It has since been removed by the author because of DNA testing that is being done. We are looking more closely at the DNA evidence to decide if it agrees with these old theories or not.

    So far, there are 2 large groups in the Ross Project at FamilyTreeDNA.

    One group does indeed carry a haplogroup that is a subclade of R1a that is associated with Norwegian Vikings.

    The men in this group are descendants of R-Z284. "R1a-Z284 is a Scandinavian subclade with an epicentre in central Norway. It is found also in places colonised by the Norwegian Vikings, like some parts of Scotland, England and Ireland."

    Participants in this group are a match to multiple Mathesons that can prove their line back to Dugald Matheson of Balmacarra who was Chamberlain of Lochalsh in 1631.

    This Matheson line is said to descend from the Kenneth Matheson who fought the Vikings with William Earl of Ross in 1262. This is, of course, if we can believe what is said in the 1467 manuscript & if the name there does indeed translate to the Kiarnach, the son of Mac-camal, that is mentioned in the Norwegian Sagas.

    R-Z284 is also said to be the haplogroup branch of Somerled of Argyll.

    However, DNA is showing that the common ancestor shared by this Ross-Matheson group and the Clan MacDonald descendants of Somerled would've been at R-Z284, so around 4000 years ago.

    The other large group in the Ross Project at FamilyTreeDNA are all descendants of the R-Z23532 subclade of R1b. It shows a trajectory through Normandy to the south of England before going to Ireland & then the Highlands.

    Participants in this group include several men who can prove their line back to Hugh Rose 8th of Kilravock. This Kilravock family is said to be descended from the men who became Ros of Kent, the Yorkshire families of Roos of Helmsley, Ros of Werke, Ros of Hamlake, and the Lord Ross of Halkhead family of Ayrshire.

    These families are all said to be descended from men who came from the town of Ros in Normandy during the Conquest. They were supposedly closely allied with Odo, brother of William the Conqueror, from whom they acquired their land in England.

    There are no participants in this project, as far as I know, who can prove their line back to any of the documented lines of the original Earls of Ross. So we haven't proven definitively which group, if any, represents the descendants of Ferquhard MacTaggart.

    What we have so far is DNA that does seem to be supporting the connection between the Rose family of Kilravock & men who came from Normandy. And a different group whose DNA is saying they are descended from a Norwegian Viking who existed sometime between 1350 and 1600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HansDB View Post
    I the FDNA I-L38 project we also have some Ross-samples, and I just finished a paper on the "Vikings" of I-L38:
    @HansDB I would love to include a link to your paper in my chart, but the link doesn't work any more.

    I found this page that mentions Vikings.

    Do you think this would be best page to link to for the Rosses in this I-S27697 group or is there a better one?

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    Charleston, SC
    Y-DNA (P)
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    United States of America Germany Slovenia Italy
    I have a Ross line from Western PA:

    Not sure what the Y-DNA is though.
    Paternal Line: Rhineland Germany (J2-Z387) - Confirmed
    Maternal Grandfather - (Škofja Loka, Slovenia) - R1a1 - Y2613 - Confirmed
    Paternal G-Grandfather - Germany - R1b - U106 - Confirmed
    Maternal G-Grandfather - Briano, Caserta, Italy - Possible R1b - L51

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward J View Post
    I have a Ross line from Western PA:

    Not sure what the Y-DNA is though.
    I'm not aware of anyone descended from this line who has done the Y-DNA test yet.

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