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Thread: Using Imputed Data with Northern Euro PCA

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    Using Imputed Data with Northern Euro PCA

    I've been curious as to how well Living DNA's imputed raw data would work in Eurogene's Northern Euro PCA and have been surprised by the results.

    I've compared the co-ordinates David supplied for my FTDNA, Ancestry and Living DNA raw data and my Mum's Ancestry and Living DNA raw data, mapping the results out in the image below.

    NEuro PCA DNA Samples Test.png

    My results are represented by triangles with FTDNA = Orange, Ancestry = Black, and Living DNA = Blue, whereas my Mum's results are represented by crosses (withe the Black cross = Ancestry and the Blue cross = Living DNA).

    I was expecting the Living DNA results to differ quite significantly from the Ancestry and FTDNA results (due to the imputation used on the GSA chip), and this was certainly the case with my Mum's data. I was surprised, though, with how close the position of my Living DNA data was to both my Ancestry and FTDNA data.

    Whilst I obviously can't draw any major conclusions from this, it will be interesting to see where the 23andMe v5 kits I've ordered for both of us and the FTDNA kit I'm sending off for my Mum next week, place on this test when the results arrive (I'm hoping, of course, that FTDNA won't have changed to a GSA chip in the meantime).
    Living DNA Test Results: Hidden Content
    Gedmatch kit: T185767
    Gedmatch Genesis beta kit: LD2584831

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