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Thread: Z301* (U106>Z381>Z301) Z301+ L48- U198-

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    Normandie Wallonia
    For French people, Calais is in the North (of France is implicit) . But we have to choose between the NW France and the NE France , Calais is in the NW.
    In the Middle Age between 900AD and 1181, Calais was in the county of Flandres, then in the county of Boulogne until the conquest by the England king in 1347 and Englisk king has kept it during two centuries.
    The coastal region of Boulogne-Calais was occupied by the Saxons and the local dialect has kept a strong influence. Flemish have been spoken inland from 600AD to 1000AD, but the local dialects were also strongly impregnated.

    In Netherland, U106 is between 30 and 40%- average 37%
    In Belgium U106 is between 20 (Wallony) and 30% (North of Belgium)) average 25%
    In North of France, I suppose between 10 and 20% average ??

    There was a dna project of Leuwen University in Belgium which gives the frequency by province in Belgium.

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