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    Hello guys, i m a new member. I studied a bit about r1a(my haplogroup) and i want to know more about this subclade of Z280. I have my direct paternal ancestry relate with Northeastern Italy(Santa Caterina di Tretto a village of Schio in Vicenza,Veneto). Some sources said that this village that my paternal ancestor came was founded by Bavarians and Austrians(From Tirol), i want to find more information about this specific branch of r1a, it appers to be related with Carpathian slavs or even south slavs(Slovenians and Croatians). This subclade is a bit common in Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia(7.4% of the men have this subclade), but i dont even know how this clade went to italy and which tribes it is related, also i want to made a map about it and catch a lot of info about this haplogroup. I made y67 and snps(Y2613) in Family Tree Dna but nobody gave me info about it, just the basic.

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    Hello Felipe,

    I am also R-YP3929

    I can't give you much information at this stage. I am researching my mysterious father who arrived in Australia in 1957 age 21 with an Austrian passport and an assumed name.

    Never discussed his past or his family. He died in 2001.

    My admixture results on various calculators vary from Austrian to German to Hungarian.

    I have 6% Italian and 5% Maltese on FTDNA estimate.

    I found you via a google search and you may also link to a 4th cousin of mine (perhaps yours) in Lisbon. The marriage of Baltazar Rebelo Borges de Castro, 1st viscount of Santa Catarina and his immediate family is of interest.
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