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Thread: My mtDNA Wiki report

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    Just to add here that I got my test back from 23andme and my mtDNA came back as W6. Then I ran the James Lick's tool and it said most likely'm parents and grandparents and their parents are the hell it came back W6a which is Slav? My father line is R1b-P311, which is more Celtic than the Glasgow Celtics...crazy stuff my friends...
    It's not unheard of having atypical haplogroups, besides W is all over Europe in small quantities, it's not like finding out you have yDNA O - that would be wierd. It could be in our country for longer than 300 years, you'd have to dig deeper into it to find out. Also R1b-P311 isn't necessarily Celtic, U106 falls under it and is very clearly Germanic (but don't tell Finn I said that), DF27 is very clearly SW European and probably of Beaker origin, so not Celtic but rather something earlier - proto-Italo-Celtic for example, it's hard to guess and very debatable
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    YDNA - E-Y31991>PF4428>Y134097>Y134104>Y168273>FT17866 Domingos Rodrigues, b. circa 1690 Hidden Content , Viana do Castelo, Portugal - Stonemason, miller.
    mtDNA - H20. Monica Vieira, b. circa 1700 Hidden Content , Porto, Portugal

    Hidden Content
    Global25 PCA West Eurasia dataset Hidden Content

    [1] "distance%=1.3492"



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