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Thread: What Surnames Are You Working On?

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    Germany Denmark Czech Republic Switzerland Austria European Union
    All known surnames in my tree (above all German, further Swiss, Czech, Austrian, Danish): Ahrens, Andreasdatter, Augener, Babener, Balzarsdatter, Becker, Beerwart, Behncke, Besler, Beuch, Bliseke, Börner, Boldt, Borchardt, Born, Brodersen, Brohse (Broose, Brause), Brueckle, Buck, Bülow, Büttjern, Caneel, Canow, Carstens, Carstenssind, Christensen, Decher, Ditschel, Döbel, Drewes, Dütsch, Dwenger, Eckholdt, Eckstein, Eggers, Ellerbrock, Felten, Fischer, Freymueller, Friess, Fuchs, Gattinger, Gaycken, Geldner, Glaser, Gulikens, Haegerten, Hansdatter, Heidmann, Heins, Hellfahrt, Hellmund, Hemmelin, Hiensch (Hientzsch), Hinsch, Hirdt, Hofe, Iden, Isermann, Jacobsen, Jordan, Jung, Kempfen, Kettel, Koch, Köster, Kohmann, Komann, Konther (Conther, Konder), Kopes, Korffmann, Krämer, Krawel, Kruse, Lange, Linz, Loewig, Lovatt, Luck, Luft, Maier, Martens, Mathiasen, Mathiesen, Madsdatter, Matthiesen, Merbach, Messing, Mey, Meyer, Meyerlin (Mehrle), Möhl, Möller, Moritz, Mossmann, Mühlenbruch, Neumund, Nockel, Offen, Ortlepp, Petri, Quack, Rabe, Ratsack, Redlinger, Reis, Reuber, Rodrian, Röwer, Roloff, Rossow, Roth, Rumpf, Sasse, Sauer (Saur), Schenckel, Schmidt, Schmidts, Schomann, Schroeder, Schuff, Schultz, Schultze, Schwab, Seebach, Seiffert, Siebert, Soltau, Stroh, Suck, Tetsmann, Thil, Thomett, Truelsen, Turgeloh, Ulrich, Vogt, Voight, von Elm, Wagener, Warkhoff, Warners, Weber, Wegener, Weldigs, Wendel, Wenig, Werner, Werniken, Wessely, Wildenhain, Wilken, Wilkens, Will, Wills, Witte, Wulf, Zernotitzky, Zettler, Ziereisen, Zinsmeister
    Y-DNA: R1b/U152/Z36/CTS4333/CTS7958, from Thuringia 1634, probably Alsace 1552, -- mt-DNA: H
    EUROGENES K13: North German 3.7, North Dutch 4.85, Danish 5.13, Swedish 5.44, Norwegian 5.7 -- West Eurasia K8: WHG 46.64%, ENF 39.09%, ANE 14.23%
    23andMe: speculative 26% French&German, 11.3% Scandinavian, 9.1% Eastern European, 8.8% British&Irish, 1.6% Southern European, 38% Broadly North Euro
    Known ancestry: 92.6% German (66.8% North German), 4.7% Danish, 1.8% Czech, 0.8% Austrian, 0.1% Swiss

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    Lisbon, Portugal
    Northwest Iberian
    E-Y31991 > PF4428

    Portugal 1143 Portugal 1485 Portugal Order of Christ
    I've been mostly working on my patrilinear family name but I've unfortunetly hit a dead end. A little bit of history before I get to that:

    Until early 1700s all of them were from little villages some 30km from the city of Viseu, and worked as millers (when the occupation was stated). Before moving to the village next to my father's they lived some 10km north in (water) mills. The miller connection wasn't too surprising, it is well known in the family that we come from a long line of millers and used to own a large amount of water mills in different places in the area. The family wasn't wealthy at all, but since they collected payment in shares of grain/flour it was far from starving, which was more than cound be said for most folk thereabouts. When times were dire the millers used to donate a bit of flour or bread to the empoverished so they could be fed. As such, despite not having wealth, they were fairly respected and liked by the townsfolk.
    When going through the 19th century records in our parish most millers had our family name, and occasionally Marques (which is also part of my ancestry, so again not surprising). Even an article referring to the last traditional miller (clickbait title) some 20km north had our famaily name, and stated it was a family trade..I'm fairly confident he's a (very) distant cousin. Even today people refer to us - my father and our kin - as the millers eventhough none of us are actual millers today.

    I was pleasently surprised we have kept the family name and trade for over 300 years, the odds of finding someone born out of wedlock - and thus with an unregistred/unknown father - for so many generations was considerable, as was being descended from someone who wasn't named Rodrigues, or who had gotten the name from the mother (I've seen it happen quite a few times). However, when I got to a marriage record from 1714, our line shows a very distant origin. My 8th or 9th (can't recall, sorry) was from a little village in Valença, just next to the border with Galicia, some 160km away. I guess that explains why, despite me having such a rare yDNA, most matches have spanish names - our line was, more likely than not, originally Galician. That parish in particular doesn't have records from the 1600s, so for the time being this is it.

    Edit: After this one I'll be going after my mother's patrilinear side, who was from Gondomar, near Porto. His record isn't avaliable online. His parents' are, but I don't know their names. Glancing though the local records of their estimated dates of birth, I found a few "da Costa Bento" individuals, all of them related (their grandfathers also had the same family name), but they were originally from way further East, 40km form the Spanish border. I only have Bento in my own name, if these individuals are indeed my ancestors, then I'll probably change my name from Bento to da Costa Bento as an homage. Besides I'm the spitting image of my maternal grandfather
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    YDNA - E-Y31991>PF4428. Domingos Rodrigues, b. circa 1680 Hidden Content , Viana do Castelo, Portugal
    mtDNA - H20. Maria Josefa de Almeida, b. circa 1750 Hidden Content , Porto, Portugal

    Global25 PCA plot Hidden Content ; Western Europe-only Hidden Content
    Hidden Content

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    North Dakota

    I have an ancestor named Patrick Quinn who came from Galway Ireland to Asheville North Carolina in 1870. The problem is his name was first listed as Concobhar, a gaelic equivalent of Connor, but he appears to have changed his name right before departure to the United states. I cannot tell if Concobhar is a totally different person and this has been a constant uncertainty for me. I've been researching it for 5 years and now I'm still under the assumption that they are the same person.
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    According to the Research of Charles Osgood Rhodes in his 1919 publication "The RHODES Family in America" (ISBN 9789333394154) there are probably slightly over 8 major US branches of RHODES. The Sutro Genealogical Library has a copy which includes a hand-drawn, pull-out tree of RHODES / RHOADES and the probable connecting European branches. Unfortunately I have not seen a copy that includes his sources. I believe I know which US branch I belong but I would like to find another R-BY159214 as me who is also a male, European-born RHODES (my surname originally did not include the 'A').

    I know my line dates to circa 1702 in the Rockbridge area of Virginia, USA and most likely started in the British Colonial period. I have used the GB Surname Distribution Map to help confirm my hunches but I have no paper-trail to confirm anything. I have also uploaded and await results from the LivingDNA site.

    My Paternal R-M269 string is: R-P312+ R-U152+ R-L2+ R-FGC22501+ R-Y37744+ R-BY64614+ R-BY159214+

    There. I've launched my virtual DNA-seeking satellite harking for my paternal RHODES to respond.

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