As i probably dont have access to all DIY calculators as some people already have posted here, anyone who is in possession of a CHG/MENA DIY admixture test let me know please as i am trying to further trace down my MENA ancestry, as it's fairly confusing and i am mostly certain that it's either Berber (which is why i usually get alot of related results to Italians, Sicilians, Sardinians) Or Mozabite, or it's either levantine, however i am definitely not sure of it and my MENA shouldnt be any higher than 27% MAX. that's the highest i will reach as otherwise it will throw all the things i already know about my heritage in the pan haha

if anyone is willing to contribute to my research send me a private message and i will give you my Raw DNA or kit number whichever you need, thanks in advance haha

(i know 2 be frank i am spamming anthrogenica aswell but y'know if youre as mixed as me you just want certainty i just want to have 100% assurance that i belong to those ethnicities, however if you don't feel like helping you shouldn't i am just trying to get as much help as i possibly can haha.)