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Thread: H3z anyone else have this subclade?

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    H3z anyone else have this subclade?

    My aunt has the maternal haplogroup H3z all that she can tell me is that her maternal line goes back to Cornwall in the UK to an Elizabeth Walker born in 1764 . Does anyone know anything about H3z it seems to be pretty rare? And I can’t seem to find much information out about it.

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    Hola! Yo acabo de descubrir (por sorpresa) que tengo ese mismo haplogrupo (H3z). Lo que es raro ya que mi familia supuestamente venía de Italia, y es raro ya que en esta región no aparece este haplogrupo. Tampoco encuentro mucha información, si logró encontrar algo, te envío!

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    My gg-grandmother was from Saintfield/Kilcoo Family names Johnston, Rankin.

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