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Thread: Bengali comparison thread

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    Bengali comparison thread

    Could everyone who's Bengali post their relevant ancestry, 23andme, MyHeritage etc. results here. If you've ran your DNA through any gedmatch calculator (eurogenes k36, Harappaworld, Gedrosia) include that also. If you know what part of Bangladesh your parents are from (sylhet, Dhaka, moulvibazar) also include that. Thanks!

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    Canada Bangladesh United States of America
    I'm from a Bengali Muslim family. My parents' families are from around Dhaka (Faridpur, Narayanganj, Munshiganj). From what I'm aware, my maternal grandfather's family moved there many generations ago from Rajshahi. They trace their ancestry back to a Mughal-era general who supposedly came from an unknown Arabic country, and it turns out I have some genetic matches with Arab individuals as 3rd-5th cousins. I don't think this story checks out based on how close the matches are (general supposedly lived in the 1500's), but who knows. My father's family lives in an area which had a lot of Hindu/Buddhists and he says their family likely converted generations ago. I've looked at results of other Bengali people and it seems I'm pretty average.

    Eurogenes K36
    Amerindian 0.51
    Arabian 1.07
    Basque 0.62
    East_Asian 0.92
    Indo-Chinese 3.60
    Malayan 9.55
    North_Caucasian 0.42
    Oceanian 0.98
    South_Asian 56.09
    South_Central_Asian 23.53
    Volga-Ural 2.72

    S-Indian 47.80
    Baloch 28.44
    Caucasian 2.52
    NE-Euro 3.35
    SE-Asian 7.63
    Siberian 0.24
    NE-Asian 4.73
    Papuan 0.72
    American 0.88
    Beringian 0.78
    Mediterranean 1.72
    SW-Asian 1.08
    San 0.10

    Gedrosia Near-East Neolithic K13
    SE_ASIAN 10.03
    CHG_EEF 1.17
    POLAR 0.18
    EHG 5.00
    SUB_SAHARAN 1.51
    KARITIANA 1.89
    SIBERIAN 1.54
    PAPUAN 2.19
    SHG_WHG 1.18

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    Bengali peoples have been separated into two countries now for several. cinema but Indian Bengalis have more passion for such things compared to Bangladeshis.

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