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Thread: The South Asian Institute of Regional Surname, Gotra, Clan, and Tribal Analysis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tipirneni View Post
    Bucha might be cognate with Pucha which is used by many castes in AP and Telangana. I see some place names in Nepal too.
    Is it found amongst kammas too?

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    India Andhra Kamma Telugu
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    Y-DNA (M)

    United States of America India Hyderabad State Dutch East India Company
    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyDLuffy View Post
    Is it found amongst kammas too?
    Less compared to others
    Y: H1a1a4b3b1a8 Yfull id-> YF83218 Hidden Content
    Medals->Hidden Content
    mtDNA:U2a1a extras->11368C 16093A 8860A (195T) (309.1C) (315.1C)

    G25 Ancients Dist 1.0 IRN_Shahr_I_Sokhta_BA2 88.4 MAR_Taforalt 2.6NPL_Mebrak 5
    VK2020_SWE_Gotland_VA 4 Hidden Content

    Lactose Persistence rs3213871 rs4988243 rs4988183 rs3769005 rs2236783
    found -> DA125, Kangju

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    Pakistan United States of America
    Found a very interesting video describing Rajputs:


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    “Chahar chez est tohfay Multan, Gard-o- Garma, Gada-o- Goristan”.

    Four things are the gift of Multan: Dusty winds, hot seasons, beggars and graveyards.

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    Gujarati Brahmin
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    We have discussed the heterogeneity of Gujarati Brahmins quite a few times. Regarding this, I stumbled upon this study report on the University of British Columbia Open Library:

    "Changing patterns of family life in urban Gujarat: a study of twelve high-caste working women, by Marjorie Rodgers Wood, 1972"

    From page number 42. "Brahmin Jatis and Sects":

    "The Brahmins of Goozerat are believed to be subdivided into more castes than those of any other part of India" (Forbes, 1924: II, 233). Traditionally, it is said that there are eighty-four endogamous Brahmin communities in Gujarat, but attempts at enumerating them indicate the existence of well over one hundred. Not surprisingly, no two of the six Brahmin respondents in this study belong to the same endogamous unit...
    It would be very interesting to look at further Gujarati Brahmin samples. The ones on G25 are, unfortunately, not labelled with any sub-caste/sect information.
    “Some of you say, “Joy is greater than sorrow,” and others say, “Nay, sorrow is the greater.”
    But I say unto you, they are inseparable.
    Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.”
    ― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet, 1923

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    Quote Originally Posted by laltota View Post
    21 Kannada Words And How They Sound in South Karnataka V/S North Karnataka
    Chikkamma / Chikkappa V/s Kaaka/Kaaki
    Meaning: Uncle / Aunty
    Kaaka, Kaaki, Kakka, Kakki, Kaaku are the authentic North Karnataka synonym for South Karnataka’s Chikkamma and Chikkappa.
    Very interesting question. Not only do some people call their father as Anna, but in North Karnataka, people call their father as Kaka, which actually means uncle. My own father used to address my grandfather as Kaka or rather as Kakari. The ri just adds respect
    Likely Marathi influence

    kākā (काका).—m ( H) A paternal uncle. This meaning is rather that of the Hindustani word . In Marathi kākā is generally used as a respectful com- pellation for a paternal uncle, an elderly cousin, or other elderly male person. See vyāvahārika nāva. kākā māmā karaṇēṃ To address flatteringly or persuasively.

    Bombay Presidency

    At its greatest extent, the Bombay Presidency comprised the present-day state of Gujarat, the western two-thirds of Maharashtra state, including the regions of Konkan, Desh, and Kandesh, and northwestern Karnataka state of India;


    The Seuna, Sevuna, Gavli Kings or Yadavas of Devagiri (c. 1187–1317) was an Indian dynasty, which at its peak ruled a kingdom stretching from the Narmada river in the north to the Tungabhadra river in the south, in the western part of the Deccan region. Its territory included present-day Maharashtra, north Karnataka and parts of Madhya Pradesh, from its capital at Devagiri (present-day Daulatabad in modern Aurangabad district, Maharashtra).

    Deshastha Brahmin

    The Deshastha Brahmins are equally distributed all through the state of Maharashtra, ranging from villages to urban areas.[63][a][64] In Karnataka, the Deshastha Brahmins are mostly concentrated in the districts of Bijapur, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Belgaum, Bidar, Raichur, Bellary, and Uttara Kannada.[65][66]

    Matrimonial alliance between Kannada and Marathi Deshastha Brahmins

    Quora answer you mentioned has answered, he himself is a Deshasta and has relatives from Marathi Deshasta Brahmins.
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