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Thread: Tallest populations : the real story

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    This is entirely anecdotal but currently I live in Taiwan and I can't help but notice how tall many of the locals are. It may be because I live in a very rich area but the idea that ethnically Chinese people are short has been disproven in my eyes. One of my neighbors has trouble walking into the elevator. It isn't like everyone in this area is tall but a large percentage of people appear to be over 6'3.
    Paper trail ancestry to the best of my knowledge:
    English (possibly containing some Welsh ancestry) 31.25%, Eastern European and Eastern German (Galicia, Poland) 25%, Scottish 17.96%, Scotch-Irish 12.5%, French 8.2%, Native American 1.95%, and Colonial American, 3.125%, which cannot be determined with complete certainty: there is Dutch (at least 1.36%) and some English. The rest could include Spanish, Norwegian, German, and French, but these percentages would be minuscule.

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    My own height is 185.42 cm or 6 foot 1 inch. Here's a height bell curve I found. I'm not sure what the source of its stats is, and I don't feel like hunting it down, so take it with whatever size grain of salt you feel is needed. It strikes me as probably fairly accurate.

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    I feel like that graph would have been made either when people were shorter, or perhaps with people all across the world. I'm 175cm and considered somewhat short and at best medium-short (not within the Jewish community, I'd be about average there, but comparing myself to natives in England at least).

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