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Thread: Z2103 in Bell Beaker

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    Z2103 in Bell Beaker

    I was just updating my Google spreadsheet of Kurgan Bell Beaker results via the final edition of the Olalde et al Bell Beaker paper and noticed that there are three Z2103 Bell Beaker samples now, one from the original pre-print and two brand newbies. Here they are:

    I2787 R1b-Z2103 2458–2202 BC Szigetszentmiklós, Felső Ürge-hegyi dűlő (Hungary) [in the pre-print]

    I4253 R1b-Z2103 2457–2208 BC Samborzec (Małopolska, Poland)

    I7044 R1b-Z2109 2500–2200 BC Szigetszentmiklós-Üdülősor (Hungary)

    Hidden Content

    Y-DNA: R1b-L21> DF13> Z39589> DF41> FGC5572> BY166> FGC36974> FGC36982> FGC36981

    Additional Data:
    Lactase Persistent:
    rs4988235 AA (13910 TT)
    rs182549 TT (22018 AA)

    Red Hair Carrier:
    Arg160Trp+ (rs1805008 T) aka R160W

    Dad's mtDNA: K1a1

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