Hi, everyone. My Great-Great-Great Grandfather's Line was confirmed as R1b-L23 a time ago, and now we have the Subclade as Z2105*. This was discovered Through the Y Testing of Autosomal DNA Matches of mine, with the same Surname as my GG-Grandmother, from the same Town of Morra De Sanctis, Avellino, Campania, Italy. I connect in my Family Tree to these aDNA Matches of 12 cm - 9 cm in the 1700's. I know that, tracing back, this line arrived in Morra at the beginning of the 1700's, originating in the Sarno Valley in neighboring Salerno. From what I know, Z2105 is common of the Near East, Caucuses, Balkans, and Southern Italy, Z2105 and Z2103 peaking in Italy in Calabria, in the 20s Percent. Is there any further info on the TMRCA or origin of Z2105 in the Italian South? If not the Metal Ages, I'm guessing no later than the Neolithic, but I'm sure others here know more than me. Thanks!